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Despite encouragement from family, friends and total strangers to write this story I refused to do so for almost twenty years whilst I waited for someone that I tried to murder -to die. During that time it has remained trapped inside me like the key log that holds its fellows prisoner inside a logjam. I believe that once this book breaches the flood gates it will release the other novels from the dam.

After several short stories (based upon opening chapters) were published in a daily newspaper’s annual True Short Story competition I was inundated by requests from readers for the rest of the tale which I ignored for reasons which will become apparent. An informal survey of my peers revealed that many work at jobs they hate and often fantasise about sailing away from it all and that many couples dream of travelling when they retire. I believe them when they tell me that they would read my book. My wife believes that women will read it because it is a true family story. If she is correct I hope they identify with the multifaceted hero, a strong woman who is simultaneously a wife, lover, partner, best friend and mother.

Although this book will perhaps resonate more with those who experienced the final years of Apartheid South Africa, it should also be of interest to readers in other countries who would like to learn a little about some of Africa’s amazing people and exotic cultures. Similarly, although it is a “true-life-story” this tale does not revolve upon the depressing issues that we read about in the news every day to which many of us have become desensitised. Likewise, unlike many of the “sailing accounts” I have read, it does not dwell upon technical aspects of sailing that are meaningless to the average person and especially to me who is branded a heretic by most sailors when I tell them that sailing is the price I reluctantly pay for the time I enjoy anchored safely in a new port.

I have provided some excerpts from the book for you to read although I must admit that I am more terrified of the responses ( or lack of them) than I was before I jumped out of a perfectly good aircraft  although I had a premonition I was going to injure myself. ( I was right)

Finally although I vowed at the time that I would not own another boat I currently find myself building another one together with my now grown up family, plus two welcome new additions. Although we have yet to set sail our journey has already begun anew. Our adventures and those of the fascinating people we have met over the last two years are already well on their way to populating the sequel to this book –Second Time Lucky.

If you would like to follow us as we experience the adventure ( and write the book) Please follow this link.