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The Sequel to this book and our Adventure, Second Time Lucky, is is a window into my Family’s Adventures as we re-embark on a Journey that began aboard Pisces the Sailfish over twenty years ago and that we had to interrupt due to an overdose of bad luck. Although I continually tell myself that I am not superstitious, I hope that to make more entries into the positive side of Lady Luck’s Books, this time around, Second Time Lucky.

Second Time Lucky explains why my family is, by choice, -homeless. As the result of a traumatic event we discussed the road ahead at a family meeting. Following a unanimous vote, my wife, son two daughters, our cat and I, abandoned our luxurious and secure (albeit prison-like) house in an upmarket suburb in order to follow our dreams.

Meet the Darkes Family

Left to Right. Bill, Don, Luna, Dianne and Morgan at the back. All the Darkes in the Sunlight.

I must admit that when my family decided to turn our backs on our banal suburban existence and forgo the comfort and security of a luxurious house we had no idea that we would happily spend more than a year sleeping high up in the branches of a Casuarina tree in Zululand.

Nor did we suspect that we would think nothing of entertaining friends in our patchwork shelter improvised from discarded multi-coloured sheets of ragged plastic, threadbare canvas, tattered cardboard and torn tarpaulins with a dusty, but more often, muddy floor, criss-crossed by odd shaped planks of wood bridging the mud and coal dust like a world war one foxhole. We certainly never imagined that we would regard as routine the daily trips to a communal tap to fetch water, the trials of a public bathroom or that we would sleep peacefully at night perched high above the ground in a whispering Casuarina tree rooted in Zululand.